Digital Printing

We also do plenty of other things here at Embroidery Etc. We are almost a one stop shop. Almost.  

Some of the other stuff we do includes;


Vinyl has come a long way since the days of numbers on sports jersey that could give you a nasty cut. It’s now very thin and stretchy and looks great on shirts, bags and hats. You’ll get a good couple of years from vinyl on your shirts.

Design idea: A left breast embroidery of your logo always looks classy on a polo shirt. You can also increase your exposure with a vinyl cut on the back including your phone number and what you do.


Vinyl transfers are essentially printable vinyl. We print your design onto the vinyl and then heat press it onto the garment. Great for photos and anything with plenty of detail.

Popular choice: We are always putting photos on shirts. Sometimes it’s people and other times it’s pets. 


A great idea for light coloured polyester shirts. Especially Hi Vis polos. The ink melts into the fabric so there is no hand feel and is permanent. We can also have full sublimation done for you if required.

Design idea: Put you phone number on the backs of your hi vis polos for added exposure. 


As old as the hills but still going strong. Inks have changed but the process remains the same. Each colour of your design requires a separate screen so set up costs can be a bit prohibitive on short runs.

Nostalgia: I still have my screen printed concert shirt from the 80’s. 


Bumper stickers, bin stickers, cricket stump stickers, vehicle stickers any type of sticker you need.

Advertising hint: Try a bin sticker with your logo. It’s like a little billboard every week. 

These things walk out the door. I’m not sure where they all end up. A great way to promote your business. We can fully sublimate these so photos are no worries.

Design idea: Make sure you include your logo, what you do and how to reach you. These things get left laying around everywhere. 

And lots more….