Embroidered products are a great way of promoting your business, club or special event and will help you stand out from your competition.

​We don’t require minimum orders on uniforms so grab a couple or 100.

We embroider just about everything…

The most common things we are asked to embroider are logos and names onto;


Once you get into the world of polo shirts you’ll be inundated with choice. Hundreds of colours and styles. I guess the best place to start is to choose your colour. The next thing to know is that they essentially come in 2 styles;
The sporty/team wear style with plenty of trim and contrast panels. The Razor is a great example of this style.
The corporate style with one main colour and less contrast trim. The Piping Polo typifies the classy look of the corporate polo style.

Design idea: a left breast embroidery of your logo always looks classy on a polo shirt. You can also increase your exposure with a vinyl print on the back including your phone number, etc.


Essentially cotton drill shirts are a Tradie main stay. These have been around for years and often last longer. There are a couple of things to think about. Lightweight, regular weight, ripstop, air vents, long sleeve, short sleeve, colour.

Popular choice: A nice lightweight, ripstop fabric with plenty of vents is the choice leading into summer.


During the cooler months these walk out the door. Are you the type that wears a jacket all day or the type that rips it off mid morning cause it’s still too hot in winter for a jumper? Either way we can embroider you jackets and have you warm and branded so everyone knows who you are in the winter.

Advertising hint: Don’t miss out on potential customers seeing your logo just because it’s cold.


What a gift???!!! We still have the towels given to our kids by Aunty Jill. A towel with their name embroidered onto it is a great gift idea. Plenty of colours to choose from and Isabella font we use is chosen on 9 out of 10 towels we embroider.

Design Idea: You can personalise it further with a little teddy bear or boat. We have plenty of cute designs you can add for that extra personal touch.


The typical order here are team members all given the same bag and wanting to ensure they end up with their own gear and not a team mates. Nothing looks better than a row of team bags with names embroidered onto them…ahhh takes me back.

Advertising hint: Why not put your logo onto your gym bag….? You never know who’s looking.


Nothing tops off a uniform and shows you belong like an embroidered hat or cap. Whether it’s a floppy hat protecting you from the sun, a bucket hat showing how brave you are or a trucker cap with a big logo on the front. Why not put your website on the back too?

Design idea: We can already see your logo on your polo shirt, so a popular choice is just the picture part of your logo on the hat, baseball style.


The demand for cloth badges or patches is ever increasing. We do thousands of these. They are used on caps, shirts, bike jackets, just about anything you can glue them onto. We don’t apply them, that’s a job for you however they look great and can be a nice alternative for our ever changing workforce.

Question: Are they called badges or patches…I never know.


You can never have enough safety huh? Hi Vis gear now comes in plenty of secondary colours. You can have purple, aqua and pink with your standard Yellow and Orange now. A typical job for Hi Vis gear is to have an embroidered left breast logo and a large vinyl or dye sublimated logo on the back showing potential customers who you are, what you do and how to contact you.

Design tip: Chose something different. Get a secondary colour that no one else has or a design that is unique to you. We always notice what’s different.


In the office all day and need a classy ¾ sleeve blouse or long sleeve business shirt. Our suppliers have hundreds to choose from. Finish it off with a blazer or perhaps put your logo onto a black work dress to be a bit different.

Popular Choice: Ladies work shirts with a bit of detail that suggests you’re not like everyone else.


Put your logo above the right back pocket to finish off your uniform. There’s a little bit of room there that is always valuable advertising space. You never know who’s looking.

Design tip: Think about adjusting your logo for the back of pants. It may need to be smaller or re-designed slightly to fit.


Embroider your logo onto your team jerseys, jackets, hats and bags. Nothing is more striking than a bunch of embroidered logos on mass. We always notice the team walking through the airport in their matching polo shirts. Do you squint to read their shirts to see who they are?

Design tip: Don’t be shy, logo up and be proud.

Jump onto our brands page to see examples of what’s available. You’ll need plenty of time, there’s plenty there to chose from.


We are always asked what the difference between cotton and polyester is.

Cotton is the more traditional fabric of the two. It’s hard wearing, won’t pull and washes to be very comfortable. The downside is it holds moisture and odour, fades and loses shape.

Polyester is the new kid on the block but quickly taking over. It won’t fade or lose shape. It doesn’t hold odours either and wicks moisture away. It can be much cooler too depending the weave you chose. The downside is polyester will pull, sometimes holds static and is perceived to be hotter.